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Build relationships through digital at scale

We help B2B and B2C companies connect with their employees, customers, consumers, influencers, communities and other stakeholders.

We work with you to set up and run successful Employee Advocacy and Social Selling programs, build your profitable Digital Strategy, engage your customers with Content Marketing, drive website traffic through Inbound Marketing, and focus your sales with Account Based Marketing.

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This service is designed for midsize and large companies that compete in B2B and B2C markets and want to build relationships - boost their presence on social media through employees, brand ambassadors, influencers, customers, fans, partners and other stakeholders.


Employee social advocacy can successfully support series of company initiatives from corporate communications, marketing, sales to HR (Employer Branding). 

This service is for companies operating in B2B markets where they sell with their own sales staff or through contractors such as agents and other partners, and are looking for ways to build relationships and sell to their current and prospective customers using social media and other digital channels.

The right strategy will drive your business forward.

Starting with an immersive discovery process we get to know your company and understanding your goals. Then we map out a digital strategy that achieves those goals in the best possible way. 

​This service is designed for companies in B2B markets across all industries from manufacturing to services. 

The inbound marketing methodology works to attract, convert, close and delight site visitors into qualified leads.

This service is designed for any B2B companies looking to attract qualified leads to their website and convert them into customers. 

​Content marketing is a strategic marketing orientation that is about creating and distributing valuable content. Content is the fuel that drives your social business transformation, and makes Content Marketing Strategy an integral part of all the other programs we offer.

Content Strategy service is designed to be used as a standalone service or as part of other services.

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a strategic marketing approach that treats an account (an individual, company or vertical) as a market of one. 


This service is designed for companies that operate in B2B markets and have a higher level of digital maturity, which is a prerequisite for the success of

this program.

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Dtransforma is Digital Transformation Enabler helping you transform to Social Business.

With a diverse team of experienced leaders and experts in Business Strategy, Marketing, Corporate Communications /Advertising, Digital and Social Media we are able to provide comprehensive consulting and implementation services on your digital transformation journey.

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