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Social selling is about leveraging social networks to interact with potential buyers to build revenue-driving relationships. Social selling is all about answering questions, offering interesting content and engaging with prospects until they are ready to purchase.

Social Selling

Employee Social Advocacy is promotion of a company by employees who share their support for a company’s brand, product, or services on their social networks. The goal of employee advocacy is to inform, educate  and engage the workforce allowing them to become brand ambassadors or employee advocates. 

Employee Advocacy

The  digital strategy is defined as a company's strategic plan that focuses on the application of digital technologies. It's part of the overall business strategy. The aim is to increase the company's  success through the use of digital technologies and to develop new business  opportunities. 

Digital Strategy
We can help you to become Social Business.

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Social Business

What is Social Business?

What is a Social Business?

At a time when customers buying decisions are significantly affected by trusted networks, it's time to transition from social media marketing to social business.
Clients are reading, seeking as well as researching out competence without the assistance of sales people. When your workers are positioned before your logo, they bring a brand new level of authenticity, authority and trust to your brand story.

”Socially engaged organizations are 40% most likely to be perceived as competitive, 57% more probable to get grown sales leads & 58% most likely to bring in top talent”

Source: Altimeter Group

Why is important for your company to become Social Business?

Social media have actually fundamentally changed the connection amongst business, workers and also customers. The organizations need to accept that today's business model is consumer driven and also creating solid relationships with customers via interaction on social media systems is needed to attain business expansion. The selection of social media touch-points provides better possibilities to influence the clients buying process at different stages.

It is necessary for today's company to involve even more employees, customers and also outside partners via social media, after attaining benefits as well as gauging them in an organized manner.


Social media are significantly being used in companies to:

  • boost connections among workers and also foster cooperation and the sharing culture.

  • social media has not just opened new ways of interaction as well as distribution throughout all markets, it likewise created new business models, which communicate on participative interaction in real time.

It has ended up being required for the business to understand this shift and embrace new technology. The demand for boosted velocity and also real-time data has actually fostered social's role in staying connected with not only customers but additionally employees, associates, and other stakeholders. The transformative power of social media starts with its widespread

implementation across the company.


Broad adoption of social media prepares companies for digital transformation:

  • applying social media in organizations develops cross-departmental alignment, with social campaigns commonly including many departments from interactions between marketing and sales as well as human resources and others.

  • the multidisciplinary course of action required for digital transformation; with guiding committees, working teams, as well as worker engagement currently in place, organizations with mature social media methods can much better sustain the organizational changes required for digital transformation.

As business operations are digitally changed and also new technologies end up being fully incorporated into everybody's jobs, it is significantly essential for all workers:

  • to maintain the customer involved

  • to be mindful that social media has actually come to be an integral part of the client pre-purchase and acquisition decision where the most considerable effect of social media has actually been the change of power from the organization to the individual. The customer now has convenient means for sharing his viewpoints as well as additionally others views in a public space

  • to have high levels of digital proficiency

  • understanding that the customer's function has actually undergone a transformation from passive to co-creators of value

Social media have essentially transformed the connection among business, workers and also customers. The business needs to understand that today's business model is customer driven and also establishing strong relationships with customers thought engagement on social media networks is necessary to accomplish business growth.


Technological innovations exceptionally affect society and also business. In the post-industrial era, the most impactful of all is definitely digital technology as we understand it because the invention of:

  • internet

  • mobile technologies

  • computers

  • networks

  • social media and also social technologies

This advancement isn't finished. It simply started as well as is not only about technological networks anymore, it's about all type of networks, including human social media, networks of data as well as networks of objects. A part of digital technologies, supposed social technologies, have actually given birth to social media and also an avalanche of new manners of operating social business. It fits in a wider context of not simply social technologies as well as social ways of working and serving customers, it additionally fits in the context of digital business and business past digital, with a focus on people, experiences, results and possibilities as well as needs for real digital transformation.

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