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  • Aleksander Mitrovic

6 steps to successful social selling in B2B

In order to use social selling efficiently and successfully, we recommend the following six steps:

Steps Social Selling

1. Create the basis

  • Create an engaging and complete profile to make a compelling first impression.

  • Post and share content regularly

  • Show your target customers what experiences you have already had.

2. Increase awareness

  • Build up your network piece by piece and maintain your contacts

  • Try to reach the right audience.

3. Build network

  • Make new contacts

  • Build relationships with your contacts.

4. Interact

  • Follow discussions

  • Keep an eye out for exciting contacts

  • Make exciting contributions to make new contacts

  • Share and like your company's content and industry topics.

5. Move it offline

  • Take the opportunity to invite your digital contacts to an event or a meeting.

  • Involve your colleagues from sales.

6. Monitor

  • Use social selling tools to get to know your contacts and their wishes, to find new contacts and to check your successes.

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