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  • Aleksander Mitrovic

Basic requirements for successful social selling

The basic requirement for successful social selling is active engagement with social networks, maintaining an appealing profile there, establishing a relationship with potential customers via this "channel", entering into an active dialogue with them and sharing relevant content.

Sales managers who practice social selling should also consider the following aspects:

  1. Ensure regular and close coordination and good interaction with marketing.

  2. The correct and tactically skillful handling of content , i.e. “storytelling” instead of pure sales. Building relationships on social networks is a long-term measure.

  3. Active participation in relevant groups (e.g. regional specialist groups) through the publication of technical articles that arouse interest in one's own product or through discussions or comments. High activity also has a positive effect on your own social index.

  4. Use various sources (e.g. profiles of experts, relevant specialist media) to regularly find interesting content relevant to your own or potential customers, which can then be shared with your own network.

  5. The daily use of social networks, for example to be able to enter into a dialogue quickly or to be present in relevant contacts through regular contributions.

  6. Analyze what your own contacts are interested in and understand what content best addresses existing information needs.

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