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  • Aleksander Mitrovic

Digitization as a motor

Digitization is increasing in many areas of life and business and is changing the way we live and work together. So it is only logical that digital and social media are gaining in importance for B2B business. B2B decision-makers are increasingly using digital channels for obtaining information as part of a purchasing process as well as for investment decisions.


Increasing digitization also means that companies no longer have sovereignty over the customer journey of their customers. Before the first concrete contact between a provider and an interested party occurs today, the latter has already obtained information in a very self-determined manner via the numerous channels available anywhere and at any time. This is already proven.

This means: only if a company is present in the right channels with the right content for the searcher does it have the chance to be noticed by potential customers and to get into the so-called relevant set.

If companies are particularly active in digital channels through their employees, they create new, innovative sales channels as well as room for maneuver in order to achieve future competitive advantages, for example a new channel for storytelling, placing product messages or building thought leadership.


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