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  • Aleksander Mitrovic

With topic expertise on new ways to generate leads

The use of social selling is a logical consequence of the changed information and purchasing behavior of people in companies.

Through the regular distribution of target group-relevant content, for example via business networks such as LinkedIn, valuable relationships can be established with potential customers and members of relevant buying centers in target companies.

Specifically, this creates the following benefits for B2B sales :

  • Lead generation: Building 1: 1 relationships with potential business customers becomes an important preliminary stage for generating high quality leads.

  • Topic expertise: By positioning yourself as a topic expert in social networks, the sales manager becomes an important point of contact for those interested in a deal.

  • Content distribution: Social networks serve as a channel for the distribution of relevant content, and are therefore an important element in the purchase decision process.

  • Media reach: building up “free” reach ”in the target group helps to create awareness for the brand and the product range.

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